In no circumstances can the tenant stay in the property after the expiration of the rental period, without the express permission of the owner. No modifications can be made to this contract without the express agreement of both parties.


The reservation is confirmed on receipt by the owner of a copy of the current contract and a deposit of 30% of the rental price (within 7 days after the mailing of the contract). The deposit must be paid 30 days ahead of your arrival. The tenant must inform the owner in the event that he or she will arrive late.


In order to cover any possible breakages or damage to the property, you will be asked to leave a security deposit when you arrive, the amount of which is indicated on the present agreement. It will be returned to you two weeks after your departure minus any reductions in the case of damage or breakages. If the cost of repairing damage or breakages is higher than the sum of the deposit, the tenant agrees to pay the difference. The security deposit can in no way be considered as part of the rental price for the property.


The tenant has the right to occupy the house in a peaceful and orderly way.  All fixtures, fittings and furniture on the inventory must be left in the same place in which the tenant found them on arrival. The tenant agrees to ensure that all sanitary fittings (WC, sinks, bathroom fixtures etc. ) are clean and in perfect working order. He/she also agrees to take due care of all electrical appliances and heaters. Use of unprotected mattresses is not allowed. The tenant is also responsible for the use of internet access, during his stay. The copying of keys is prohibited.

Any repairs to fittings resulting from negligence on the part of the tenant will be paid for by the tenant. In no case can the tenant sub-let the property, even for free. Doing so will render the rental contract null and void. In such cases the owner will keep any payment. The property is rented exclusively for holiday purposes and must not be used for the exercise of any professional activity. It is forbidden to pitch tents or park caravans on the property without the express permission of the owner. In such cases, the owner can ask for a higher than usual rate, which would be noted in the rental contract.

The owner will ensure that the property is made available in a condition that corresponds to its description. The tenant should leave the property at the time agreed in the contract or at a time agreed with the owner after a full ‘état des lieux’ (inventory) has been carried out.


The number of tenants cannot exceed the maximum number set out in the contract. However, in exceptional circumstances and with the express agreement of the owner, it is possible to waive this rule. In such cases, the owner can ask for a higher than usual rate, which would be noted in the rental contract. The tenant will draw up and will transmit the departure inventory.


A full inventory of the general state of the property as well as all furnishings etc. will be provided to the tenant, any contestations will have to be done within 48h. If no written claim of defect is received within the above deadline, the owner’s inventory shall be deemed to have been accepted by the tenant. The tenant will draw up alone the departure inventory  and transmit it to the owner. The owner can dispute the check out inventory until the next tenant arrival, within a 48h delay. If the owner notes any damages, a percentage of the the damage deposit equal to the cost of covering any repairs will be withheld by mutual agreement between the owner and tenant. If it is not possible to reach an amicable agreement, an assessment of the damage will be carried out by an independent expert or organization, chosen either by the tenant before his or her departure or by the owner during the check out at the end of the stay. In such cases, the remainder of the damage deposit will be returned to the tenant within two weeks.


The presence of animals in the property is forbidden. Any tenants not respecting this rule will render their rental contract null and void.  In such cases the owner will keep any payment.


All cancellations must be notified by registered letter before the tenant arrives at the property. In such cases, If cancellation occurs less than 30 days before entering the premises any deposit paid will remain the property of the owner. If cancellation occurs less than 15 days before entering the premises, the entire stay will be due. If the tenant does not arrive on the agreed day and subsequently does not contact the owner within 24 hours, the contract is considered null and void. In such cases the owner will keep any payment. The owner will also be free to rent the property to other tenants. In cases where the owner cancels a rental agreement (outside of ‘acts of god’ that render the property uninhabitable), the owner will repay the tenant the double of any deposits paid.


Tenants who leave the property before the end of the agreed rental period will nevertheless pay the cost of the full period unless the owner is deemed responsible for the early departure. In such cases, an inventory will be carried out in the normal way and all or part of the damage deposit will be returned as normal.


The customer is responsible for any damage caused by his occupation of the property. He therefore must be insured by a holiday insurance contract covering this type of risk.


At the end of your stay, you must pay to the proprietor any charges not included in the price. Their amount is determined based on the calculation mentioned in the Description, and documentation is provided by the proprietor.

In the event of litigation or disputes, only French law will apply and only the courts of the place of residence of the owner will be considered competent.